Jeeve Stories

Five Literary Friends’ Publishing Triumph

Fish Pie and Laughter

The Guilty Suitcase

The Virgin Sardine

and, Aphrodite's Picnic


Julie Roberts, Eileen Dickson, Elaine Douglas, Vera Morris and Eve Wibberley.

Illustrated by Sue Tait

The authors of Fish Pie and Laughter and The Guilty Suitcase, The Virgin Sardine and Aphrodite's Picnic can be justly proud of their professional, well-presented volumes.

 Julie Roberts

Dashing Regency heroes, damsels in distress have fanned the flames of romance and daring in Julie's novels. Winner of several short story competitions, her themes range from the perfect robotic man to phobic giant ants; interwoven with six published poetry anthologies. Energy driven Julie is a speaker to social groups and donates her fees to her local Air Ambulance. Her published first historical novelThe Hidden Legacy is released by Accent on 23 June 2016

Eileen Dickson

Working with criminals and witnesses in a magistrates' court should give Eileen material in plenty for fiction. But her own early life as a matron in an isolated Sussex prep school and then to London, the Middle East and Beirut, still has enough material in it to run and run. Real Life is far more unbelievable than anything people make up, she feels, it's all a question of combining the two. With her first novel finished, she looks forward to immersing herself again, but Jeeve keeps her on her feet, balanced and not quite falling. This is as much as one can ask. And that it should all be great fun.

Elaine Douglas

Elaine was born and educated in Edinburgh. After studying Ballet in London she married and spent numerous years travelling extensively with her husband, Michael, and three children before returning to England in the summer of 2000. In due course she met her fellow writers, now friends, by joining a local creative writing group and becoming an enthusiastic contributor to Jeeve Publishing. Elaine and Michael are enjoying their grandchildren.

Vera Morris

Vera has blown soap bubbles in Woolworths, cooked superbly in hotels, and electro fished in a Welsh river, but she decided to write fiction, when as a head teacher of a large, mixed comprehensive, she started to be creative with the governors' reports.  

Eve Wibberley (aka Jennifer Smith)

Eve has been scribbling for years – it’s a family affliction. From fairytales as a child to letters from abroad whilst living in the Sudan and Sierra Leone, she moved on to successfully campaign for the recognition of dyslexia, writing numerous articles, letters and pamphlets. A partner in Jeeve Publishing, she is the original Virgin Sardine! 

 Julie, Eileen, Elaine, Vera and Eve invite you to share their stories.

They enjoy writing their books – you will enjoy reading them!

The Illustrator  

Sue Tait

Dropped into the world of publishing by her friend. Eileen Dickson, Sue soon became one of the team and a frequent visitor to The Loft. A steep learning curve for Sue, an exhibiting artist with Reading Guild of Artists, who took up art after retiring early from teaching.

This is a story of adventure, self-discovery and friendship. Their shared passion for writing, led to attending the Writers’ Summer School at Swanwick, Derbyshire. During their last lunch before returning to their ‘real’ lives, Fish Pie and Laughter was conceived.

They chose a local inn as their monthly venue to develop their plans, with their work facilitated by wine, fish pie and a great deal of hilarity. Fish Pie and Laughter is a fascinating collection of stories and anecdotes, which perhaps give far greater insight into their authors’ lives than had originally been anticipated. Each writes in her own distinct voice and unique style. This is the true charm of the book.

The Loft in Julie’s home became their working environment and Sue Tait provided a cover illustration and simple sketches depicting the changing moods of the stories.

They decided to publish Fish Pie and Laughter themselves. Using their initials for the publishing name, JEEVE Publishing came into being. The Microsoft software moved in a mysterious way when taken from one computer to another but after many hours’ proof reading and editing it all came together and a local printing firm was chosen.

These authors have proved that writing need not be a lonely art and producing a book together is fun. Dedication has achieved their goal. Fish Pie and Laughter was on sale at the Writers’ Summer School and is now on its third reprint and selling well. The icing on the cake would be for a publisher to take it on.

Donations to the Thames Valley Air Ambulance from sales and talks have exceeded £5000.

They hope their success will encourage others.