Jeeve Stories

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At last! Aphrodite's Picnic, our fourth book of short stories has been published.

This time the five friends get more than they bargained for on a creative writing course on the Greek island of Zamoros

Eve Wibberley, Eileen Dickson, Julie Roberts, Elaine Douglas, Vera Morris

Five friends with different voices who write books of short stories.

You can buy our books:

Fish Pie and Laughter ISBN 0-9550522-0-3      £6.99(2005,2006, 2009, 2010)

The Guilty Suitcase ISBN 13:978-0955052217               £6.99 (2007)

The Virgin Sardine ISBN 978-0-9550522-2-4                  £6.99 (2009)

Also available as e-books

Aphrodite's Picnic ISBN 978-0-9550522-3-1               £6.99 (2015)

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